Unfair Firing or Not?

There are certain excuses that are unacceptable when it comes to firing a developer. The comic strip illustrates one of these cases and the reasons behind that are:
1 - There are tasks that will not result in code changes (e.g., investigation only)
2 - There are issues that require weeks of work, specially in complex / legacy systems.

When we analyze a developer by looking at his "number of commits", "function points", "lines of code" per time unit (months / weeks) we are looking at just one of the faces of the problem!

A developer that works on a very difficult issue will tend to commit much less than someone that has been working on simpler tasks.

We have to keep in mind that the developer might not be a specialist in the area he/she was told to work on. This would be - in fact - a management problem instead of a problem in the developer itself.
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