Wrtie up about me... By: Sarah Callanga

Strangers always have a second thought when they want to approach Che. With her high inclined brows, she definitely looks like someone that would hit you hard when you mess with her, which is true by the way.

Che would definitely stick with her friends through thick and thin. Though she looks like a very strong person outside, the irony of it is that she is very sensitive and caring. People can’t stop laughing at her jokes because she has a very good sense of humor. Behind the strong and beautiful physique is a baby that needs to be cared and loved. She's someone that laughs with you and sometimes laughs at you,doesnt know how to pretend and one of the persons that would light up your day and make you smile even though you didnt pass an exam. She's an easygoing type of person, carefree and lives life to the fullest. Someone like her is heaven sent and thus we are all definitely blessed... 

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